PERPIGNAN MÉDITERRANÉE, French-Catalan destination, enjoys a unique dual identity. The French art of living, gastronomy and craftsmanship merge joyfully with Catalan culture, its traditions and its values, which are the generosity, the share and conviviality. Take advantage of our offers of creative tourism experiences to criss-cross our rich territory and immerse yourself in our culture. On the city side, land side or sea side, our craftsmen, winegrowers, farmers, breeders, artists and merchants will share their know-how to moments and micro adventures conducive toexchange, at theapprenticeship andinnovation.

Pour vous inspirer, voici un bel échantillon d’activités créatives que Perpignan Méditerranée vous propose afin de vous plonger dans le quotidien de ses chaleureux habitants et professionnels passionnés. Elles sont réalisables du printemps à l’automne.

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1 – Rayonner à Perpignan Méditerranée Innovate ! Bring colour and emotion to your journey! Walk from the city to the sea via the inland and discover a whole range of original creative offers on the perimeter of our radiant destination. 

2 – French Treasure of Catalunya Perpignan Méditerranée est la seule destination au monde qui jouit d’une double identité à la fois catalane et française, une richesse qui fait notre force et notre attractivité et que l’on retrouve dans l’art de vivre catalan que nous vous proposons de tester. Patrimoine, arts, vins et gastronomie sont à savourer sous des angles traditionnels et innovants !

3 – Savourer les vins du Roussillon 20,000 hectares of vines, 3 wine routes, a diversity of wine-growing terroirs and grape varieties and as many activities around the wines of Roussillon. The men and women of the terroir will make you taste and appreciate them during experiences in the heart of their estates and vineyards.

4 – Vivre nos traditions Immerse yourself in our culture and traditions: Dance the sardana, climb to the top of a Castell (human pyramid), experience the Passion of the Sanch Procession and take part in our Catalan festivities that enliven the destination all year round.

5 – Admirer la diversité du territoire et varier les plaisirs In a few minutes you will go from a wild and preserved beach, to the top of a rocky peak or in the heart of hundred-year-old vineyards, just as you can find yourself at the foot of exceptional monuments. Each of these places will give you the opportunity to create and live unique experiences.

6 – Parcourir des espaces naturels protégés Etangs, lacs, plages, dunes… la destination regorge de pépites où la biodiversité s’épanouit dans le respect de la nature. Une faune et une flore exceptionnelles s’y développent, vous aurez la chance de pouvoir l’appréhender lors de votre séjour.

7 – S’initier à la gastronomie Française & Catalane Another richness of our dual identity! It is embodied in our cuisine, whose recipes are full of Mediterranean flavours, but also know how to give pride of place to the classics of French gastronomy. Our terroir is made up of a generous garden from which the best fresh produce is produced. The ideal breeding ground for curious kitchen helpers!

8 – S’inspirer de l’art local Picasso, Dali, Maillol, Jean Lurçat... The greatest of the artists passed through Perpignan Méditerranée, leaving a few treasures here and there. From painting to mosaics, sculpture, from Gothic art to contemporary art, you are in a land of artists who will inspire you, now it's up to you!

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9 – Créer avec nos artisans, producteurs et agriculteurs locaux Catalans by heart or by adoption, our partners will make you discover their arts and techniques. They will share all their secrets with you during privileged moments that will allow you to be initiated, to exchange and to immerse yourself in the Catalan cultural DNA. Decorate a ceramic object, pick fresh plants and herbs to cook or transform them and discover the making of a Perpignan Garnet jewel or a Catalan knife....

10 – Voyager dans le temps From prehistory with the man of Tautavel, through antiquity (Ruscino -600 years old), the Middle Ages (Master of Cabestany, Kingdom of Mallorca,...) and contemporary times (Exile - Memorial camp of Rivesaltes...), our destination is a rich land of history and itineraries that will propel you to the heart of legendary universes and eras.


Artists, athletes, artisans, entrepreneurs … they’re the soul of this destination: exactly 4 minutes to discover the talents of the Perpignan Méditerranée with our CA’TALENTS interviews.