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Port Barcarès offers seaside fun in the heart of nature: 8 km of coastline along the Mediterranean, 7000 hectares of marine lake bordered by marinas and other accommodations inspired by the traditional fishermen habitat, an accomplished harmony between yesteryear sailing on Catalan boats (with oars) and ultra-modern water sports. Port-Bacarès has perfectly discerned how to combine well-being, novelty and authenticity. Indulge yourself visiting its
4 districts: the Village, with its markets, its beach, traditional fishing and the modern marina all grouped around the Port, the Lydia a unique landlocked liner on the Grande Plage, and the Marine Lake surrounding the lakeside district of the Coudalère.
There is diverse accommodation provided by the resort professionals : 4 hotels, 6 rental residences, 9 campsites, 10 real-estate agencies and 2 holiday villages.
Sports and leisure resort: Mini-golf, Horse riding, Sailing, Wind surfing, Yachting, Wakeboard school, Scuba diving, Kitesurf, Bike trekking, Paddleboarding, Tennis, Sea excursions, Sea fishing … are just some of the activities proposed at Port Barcarès.
A festive resort, par excellence thanks to the 250 fun, sporty, cultural and traditional events such as the Christmas Village with its ice-skating rink during the winter, the Mediterranean Festival of Detective & Adventure Novels, Midsummer’s night/Saint John's Eve bonfire celebration, the Electrobeach Festival, Jazz on Mondays, the Fishermen’s Festival and may others.
This resort is highly respectful of the environment and holds the label of Pavillon Bleu des Plages et Ports (meaning it respects stringent environmental and safety standards) since it was created, along with being listed as Villes et Villages Fleuris (French recognition of flower-filled towns and cities).


The pleasure of cycling with the sea alongside … Port Barcarès has a 10-km long and waymarked bicycle path linking different districts of the resort allowing you to discover the endless charms of this holiday spot.
Want to bike a bit further? The Barcarès bicycle path becomes the Agly Greenway by adding 14 km of asphalt, levelled and secure roads, offering beautiful views of Canigou Mountain and orchards leading to Rivesaltes.
The Barcarès bicycle path is also a part of the EuroVelo 8 which is also called Véloroute de la Méditerranée. The path covers 5388 km across 11 countries along the Mediterranean basin path and connects Greece to southern Spain.

8 kilometres of fine sand beaches between the marine lake and Mediterranean for year-long fun activities – relaxing or sporty!

A group of “sheds” (barraca in Catalan), reconstructions of traditional fishermen homes in wood, giant canes and reeds, today fully restored in tribute to the know-how and past of the first families who settled in this small El Bacarès fishing hamlet.

Lido beach – Free access
The site of the Lido, today a nature reserve for certain rare Mediterranean plants (on the side of the gray dune), was once the scene of significant historical events.. During the Retirada (massive exile of Spanish refugees during the Spanish Civil War) a very rudimentary refugee camp was founded on this spot in February 1939, with nearly 60,000 Spanish Republicans, mostly soldiers who were fleeing the Franco regime once the Civil War had ended.

In September 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, a ministerial circular ordered enrolled volunteer soldiers to be sent to Barcarès to train for the Marching Regiments of Foreign Volunteers while the war lasted. There were about 12,000 to 15,000 men of all nationalities from varied backgrounds from France and countries throughout the world. With different religious and cultural beliefs, oftentimes diametrically opposed, these men all showed equal courage, willing to be sacrificed for France, their second country. Many of them died on the battlefields of Ardennes, Aisne and the Somme. Others died in the reprisal camps.

This memorial with 3 columns was built in 1955 on the Lido beach, initiated by the petty officer Maurice VINCI-GUERRA, President of the Association of War Veterans from the 21st RMVE (Marching Regiment of Foreign Volunteers), the architect VAGO, a former regiment solder, and thanks to fundraising by these volunteers along with a government subsidy. It is made of 3 concrete columns, each symbolising one of the 3 regiments of the Marching Foreign Volunteers (RMVE). There is a written inscription summarising their close union and the unwavering resolution which brought them together in combat.

The big must of Port Barcarès is the Village! An all-year market on Place de la République each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday emanates colours, savours and aromas. In the evening there are also night markets, shows, entertainment, concerts and a ball-area … sheer pleasure for all ages!

COME ABOARD THE LYDIA, the only – and oldest - landlocked liner in the world.
Visits with entry fee as of mid-July

Built in 1930 in Copenhagen, this black liner called “Moonta” had an unusual destiny. A cruise liner in the Gulf of Spencer in Australia until 1955, it was bought by a Greek company located in Piraeus. It was repainted white and renamed LYDIA. It then became a regular liner between Marseille and Beirut until 1966 … At the end of this same year Lydia’s fate was sealed. Bought by the Pyrénées-Orientales public-private partnership company, this liner was stripped of its engines and dragged to an artificial port which had been specially dug for this occasion. A very ambitious move on behalf of the Mission Racine labelled Patrimoine du XXème siècle. Since, Lydia sits proudly with her stern to the wind, at the end of the well-named Allée des Arts.
Visits during the summer and the European Heritage Days.

L’ALLÉE DES ARTS, the longest open-air museum in the world
Created in 1969, this seafront promenade reaches over 1 km and shows-off imposing contemporary works of art. They are all gigantic with different shapes, colours and materials. This “Sand Museum” is labelled as Patrimoine du XXème siècle. The Soleillonautes, 8 huge wood-carved totem poles and the Polymorphs, colourful masses are among the most remarkable and emblematic.

An original tour in the heart of our village and its history. Discover twelve emblematic places such as our elders knew them and share of the life and traditions of the small fishing village which Barcarès was at the time. Free access – Village.

THE PORT and the Auction House
A very cheerful place to be! The port combines traditional and leisure fishing. You can still see the boats loaded with fish, sold directly on fishing stalls along the Magellan quay from 9am to 11:30 am by the fishermen. The boats sell the catch of the day directly on the Magellan quay. Each year, on 15 August there is the Fishermen Festival: festive day blending traditions with the procession. A tribute to sailors disappeared at sea, initiation to Sardana dancing, but also bodega parties, street shows and some accordion music will wind off the evening.

The Salses-Leucate pond, a nature area listed on the Natura 2000 network, is part of an ecological approach to preserve wild bird species, fauna and flora, providing them an area to reproduce, hibernate and relax … around the lake sit the authentic fishermen huts: homes made of reeds.

With its wind, Barcarès is ideal to do water sports from wakeboard to sailing, and not forgetting paddleboards or flyboards …

The pine forest is a real green space in Barcarès and boasts a vast array of ecological wonders. It is essentially filled with maritime and umbrella pines. But exotic vegetable species also grow there, a sign that there was a former nursery there at some point.
White and grey dunes, abundant and fragile areas, are also extremely interesting from an ecological viewpoint.

VillageNoël ©Lucille Descazaux


The Lydia

The Blue Line

The natural site of the Dosses accompanied by the coastguards

Boat ride and fishing (CTM cruises)


Place de la République 
Quartier Le Village
66420 Le Barcarès
Tel : +33 (0)4 68 86 16 56

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