The Pays Touristique of Agly-Verdouble, not far from Perpignan and the Cathar castles, is ideally nestled between the sea and the mountains. It counts 8 wine-making villages which all seem unaffected by the passing of time: CALCE, CASES DE PENE, CASSAGNES, ESPIRA-DE-L’AGLY, ESTAGEL, MONTNER, TAUTAVEL and VINGRAU. Nature IN ALL ITS SPENDOUR ideal for getting away, relaxing and outdoor activities. This area harbours an exquisite choice of hiking paths located along the first Pyrenees Valley. On foot, by bike, by train, by car …. You’ll fall upon preciously guarded gems as you wander through this corner of Catalonia: from ancestral treasures to wine-making secrets … with nature spreading as far as the eye can see … this region welcomed the first Europeans who settled here 450,000 years ago upon the hills of Tautavel.

Enjoy the wine and fine-dining or hike up mountains with family or friends! … Come discover the breathtaking beauty of the Agly Valley:

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Carefreely walk in this preserved natural setting thanks to 150 kilometres of waymarked and well-maintained hiking paths: from 0 to 600 metres high for some easy, leisurely or fun walks. You’ll walk through a variety of landscapes (limestone cliffs, wooded hills, riverbed vegetation), crossing sites steeped with history: Cathar castles, dolmens, caves, lakes, retreats and signal towers … vestiges from the ancient borders.
The one thing which never changes is the panoramic views overlooking the Pyrenees, the Roussillon vineyards and the Mediterranean.
The 3 Museums of Prehistory located in Bélesta and Tautavel, allow you to trace back mankind to 450,000 years up until today (with a human presence from at least 700,000 years back). To better understand this long journey of humankind, the museums offer year-long educational and fun activities for all ages: active workshops, guided tours, annual exhibits, events, cave tours!
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Wine estates and cellars welcome you for wine-tastings all throughout the year. All the wineries are readily prepared to welcome tourists, boasting the varied French quality labels such as: Vignobles et Découvertes, Tourisme de Terroir, and Sud de France. Some of our wineries offer regular tours to visitors.
You will find 3 wonderful types of wines … the vins doux naturels from Rivesaltes and Maury which are sweet, colourful and ideal to serve chilled for an aperitif or dessert, the Côtes du Roussillon and the Côtes du Roussillon Villages, which are red, white or rosé wines, perfect with the most refined of our typical dishes such as: escalivade (roasted vegetables), boles de picolat (special meatballs), cargolade (grilled snails), or mel i mato (dessert made from fresh cheese)…  
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The Força-réal belvedere and retreat (Montner): one of the remains of the former border between France and Aragon. At the time, this fortress was one of the fundamental points of this defence line. The site sits at 507 metres with a unique view overlooking the Roussillon and the Canigou (viewpoint indicator) as well as a nature trail. At this strategic position, used as a landmark by sailors, the Counts of Roussillon built a tower like the Torre del Far in Tautavel. In 1693 the tower’s castle was destroyed and the site became a hermitage. It’s accessible by car or on foot (from Montner).
Notre-Dame-de-Pène hermitage (Cases-de-Pène): a place for walking, hiking or for a pilgrimage. Founded in the 14th century, it overlooks the village and boasts an impressive view of the Agly Valley and the Roussillon plain. Its prime location on a rocky cliff is great for some meditation sessions! The hermitage is reached by walking along an ancient paved road with 3 small chapels. Expect it to take around 20 minutes to walk up to the hermitage on foot (waymarked trail).
Saint-Vincent Chapel (Estagel): At the top of Estagel, it’s accessible by foot (ten minutes from the village centre) or by car. It seems to date back to the 10th century and it has been restored. It is appreciated for its wonderful views, its picnic area and peaceful setting.

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Aboard the TPCF Train Rouge, for a fun excursion :
Leaving from Espira-de-l’Agly or Rivesaltes, this historic red train with a guided tour is an original way of discovering the Agly Valley and the upper Aude valley.
In summertime, the vineyard trail (between Rivesaltes and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet) takes half a day and allows you to meet winemakers and do some wine tasting. The tours can last a day, taking visitors up to the gorges of the Aude at the foot of the Cathar castles.
Since bikes are transported for free, why not take the train and go biking along the waymarked bike path from Estagel, via the Mas de Jau (about 14 km) to Espira-de-l’Agly.
The train runs regularly from April to October and all year long for groups. Themed trains are organised throughout the year: Easter, Christmas and Halloween trains!
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Enjoy youractivities with our outdoor professionals :
A regional and experienced tour director proposes vineyard walks during the summer. If you want to adventure some mountain climbing, biking or hiking on horseback we have the right people to help you along. Some great spa offers are also available.
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Ask for our fun heritage discovery trails:
Explore our villages at your own pace, with some fun heritage discovery trails available upon request from the Tourist Information Centre in Estagel. Along the way you can enjoy some wine-tasting or a delicious meal in one of the restaurants (reservation recommended during off-season). There is a tourist information panel located in each of our 8 villages.
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Tourist Office:
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